Planning on some vacation sex? Read this first!

Studies show that summertime is when we have the most sex AND our best sex.


That sounds like a win win! I’ve read several articles lately that talk about how summer is the best season for sex. There are some varying opinions about whether it’s August or July. Point is, our peak sexy time season is not in the Fall, AKA coupling season. It’s also not February when the greeting card companies peddle stuff with a fat flying baby with a weapon and cheesy sentiments on it. It’s in the dead heat of summertime that you all like to get busy.


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Data from apps are also confirming that summer lovin’ isn’t just a song from a musical. Eve, an app by Glow that helps track menstrual cycles and fertility, looked at its 1 Million+ users and found that they have 12% more sex in the summer months. “And they’re not just having more sex-they’re having sexier sex. During the summer, Eve ladies are more likely to orgasm and more likely to describe sex as ‘Mindblowing.’ ” Danny and Sandy knew what they were singing about.



Why do people have more sex in the summertime? Of course one of the easy theories, and the one we are going to discuss here, is because more people are on vacations. Also consider that many people are more active, in better shape, and as research shows, since they get more Vitamin D during the summer months, they not only look better, they feel better and have more energy, and therefore have a higher libido. Put tan bods and hotel beds together and TAH DAH!

I feel like making jokes about Vitamin D but this blog isn’t just for penis lovers!

You don’t have to go to an adult resort to have fun Summer sex, though no judging if you’ve been to that sort of vacation spot. Tent sex, RV sex, sex in a field, sex in the woods, sex on a mountain, cruise ship sex, hotel sex…doesn’t matter. Ask anyone and they will tell you with an enthusiastic “yes” that they like vacation sex. Okay… so maybe not everyone, but through an informal poll with several friends of mine, no one said flat out”no”.

Do you like vacation sex? If so, why?

Hotel sex is hot! There’s no cleanup, no having to change the sheets yourself.” B., male

It wasn’t just the drinking, it was the chemistry of everything. We made babies on vacation.” C., female

It depends. If we are with family, like if my parents are there, then I’m not into it.”
I am…
Convo with two female friends. The sly smile the second gal gave when she said that was priceless.

It’s a different environment. There are no kids toys, no chores. (At home) it’s sex in your bed, you have the regular positions you get used to doing. You can be more adventurous on vacation.” S., male


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Do you find yourself trying new things?

Not on purpose, but when I think about it, yeah, I do find I try new things during vacation sex.” M., female

Absolutely! But you have to be careful. If you plan a vacation around all the different things you’re going to try, then if you don’t get a chance to do them…too much build up can mean a big letdown.” S.

“(Yes because)…there’s not that ‘gotta hurry up and get to bed’ or ‘get some work done’. You’re in a space where you just don’t have to move into the next phase of your day after done. You’re not fitting (sex) in or working around it.” C.

Yes, for sure. We are less exhausted, so it makes it easier to try new things.” K., female

Sometimes it’s not only about trying new things. It’s about doing things that are a special treat.

We were getting ready to go away for a trip, and I saw him packing the condoms into his bag. I was like ‘What are those for?’ He smiled and said, ‘For anal, babe.'” J., female

When you live in the Midwest, you only have so many chances in your life to fuck on a beach. There are ways to be careful about not getting caught and not getting sand in your lady bits.” T., female

The inner voyeur comes out for some people on vacation.

You don’t have to worry about seeing someone you know. Sex on the beach is less risky than say, doing it at Liberty Memorial and running into someone you know.” S.

He was like, ‘Wanna have sex in this gazebo because everyone is upstairs?’ ‘Sure!’ You’re not letting other thoughts roll into your mind. You’re more relaxed and more fun.” C.


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I asked about getting caught. Seriously, what if you got caught having sex outside?

If you do, take the ticket, pay the fine. Be sure you’re not in a school zone, too.” S.

Well, let’s hope it’s just some bellhop and not a cop. Just be casual. Stop what you’re doing. Walk away. Don’t make eye contact.” T.

Do you take any accessories along for the occasion?

Absolutely. Just know that the harder you try to hide your vibrators, the more likely TSA is going to dig into your bag and pull it out for everyone to see. Just pack it casually on the side. And remember to take the batteries out. And bring extras.” T.

Sometimes… but in Vegas, a lot of the hotels have these adult toy goodie boxes right there in the rooms. I’ve had ones that had lube, a mask, little ropes for some light bondage, and some condoms. We used everything.” A., male


I’m so happy they have dildo GIFs on GIPHY you have no idea!


The takeaways from these articles and interviews are…

1. Sex away from home is just more relaxed at most times.
2. Be open to trying new things, but don’t get so wrapped up in a plan that you are not in the moment.
3. Vacation gives us opportunities to be more spontaneous, and to be a little kinkier.
4. Don’t forget to take your batteries out of your vibrator.


If you read this and wish you and your partner had great sex on your last vacation, or you’re dreading one coming up, reach out to me. No sense going one more trip without having mindblowing sex. I can help you and your partner deepen your connection, move past old patterns, and have the best sex of your life. Don’t just come home with tan lines and souvenirs. Come home refreshed with that after-sex glow.


Kristen Thomas is the Owner and Head Coach of Open the Doors Coaching, LLC. She helps people nurture their love lives as a relationship, dating and sex coach. Follow Kristen via Twitter @openthedoorskc, Facebook, and Instagram. Need help with your sex life or relationship? Striking out on dating sites? Looking to host a private group event or workshop with a coach? Email her at

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