Owner Kristen Thomas

Testimonials for Open the Doors Coaching


I was having very little success on dating apps making connections with the kinds of women I wanted to meet. The women I wanted to match with didn’t seem to swipe or respond back. Kristen reviewed my profile and made very helpful suggestions. Some of my pictures needed to be changed, and when she explained how my profile could be perceived by the opposite sex, I realized I was not projecting the image I thought I was. I made some adjustments to my bio, to which Kristen agreed was a much better representation of who I am. Within days, I had several matches, and then made a date! Kristen was non-judgmental. She came from a place of wanting to help me put my best foot forward online. It can be hard to put yourself out there at all on those apps and sites, and even harder to have a profile that is succinct and will stand out to the opposite sex. I was incredibly appreciative of her insights!”

J – male, 34


I began working with Kristen about a year after being widowed with 3 sons. I found myself not knowing who I was or how to create a new life journey for myself. Kristen helped me to discover “dating” myself: exploring new pleasures, accepting my 47 yr old body, and being excited to try new ideas and places. After a year, I was ready for dating. I am excited to say, that I have gone on several dates! What is different now vs being 19 and dating?! Kristen has helped me find the strength to talk about intimacy with my dates and create the boundaries for my safety as well as being able to openly discuss what brings me pleasure with them. I am excited to continue working with Kristen as my relationship deepens with my date.

L – female, 47


“In our coaching sessions, what I really enjoy is that when I have an idea, and I’m proposing what my plan is, Kristen is great at asking questions about what the benefits are going to be, what my end result of a plan will be, and for what purpose. She doesn’t shoot down my ideas, per se, but helps me examine benefits for me pursuing that plan.  Her approach is very collaborative, she listens without judging and creates a safe environment for me to share my feelings and frustrations. The support she’s offered me during my transition into single motherhood and business owner has been invaluable. The way I explain her to others is this: she sees the world differently. When others just problems and barriers, she only sees countless solutions and opportunities. I am so grateful to have her as my coach!”

C – female, 45


“Kristen is an incredibly insightful and articulate coach. I reached out to her seeking advice regarding issues in my open relationship and she was able to help me navigate a delicate situation easily. She also provided me with resources and mental tools that have made communication with my partner even stronger than before. I credit Kristen’s advice with helping me become the best partner I’ve been and growing my relationship. I plan to continue seeking Kristen’s advice, and I would highly recommend Kristen’s coaching for anyone looking for guidance in their personal lives.”

J – male, 27