Dating and Sex Coaching

Breaking old habits that have developed after a failed relationship can be hard. Learning to trust others, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, or even to be willing to put yourself back into the dating world is overwhelming for many because they don’t know where to start. I can help you determine “what is my ideal self?”, support you in developing a plan to shake what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, and push you to make progress. This is a collaborative process, but I will push your boundaries at times.

I am here to support singles with a variety of situations:

  • Using dating apps and websites to find the caliber of partner you want in life. I will review which sites you utilize, what your profile says about you, and offer suggestions to help you attract better suitors.


  • Not sure you know what you’re doing…in bed? Some people don’t understand sexual anatomy. Thanks, abstinence-only sex ed! There is no shame in not understanding how our bodies work, or what you really find pleasurable. Sexology 101 can help clients who have struggled with the basics.


  • Held back by what something? I’m not here to pathologize, but there are issues such as vaginismus, early ejaculation, and low libido that can affect your quality and quality of sex. Male and female sexual issues have solutions, and working with a coach can help you find your way to a healthy and flourishing sex life.


  • Tired of being ghosted? How many times have you been on a great first date, only to never hear from them again? I can observe what type of impression you make, discuss what your body language says, and practice how to have deeper conversations so that the first date doesn’t become last.


  • Getting back into the dating world after the end of a marriage or loss of a partner is a lot to take in. For people who have been in a long-term relationship for at least 10 years, they have no idea how much dating has been altered in our modern age. Sometimes there is prep work that needs to be done. I call it “getting your sexy back”, and that can involve a lot depending on where the client is at. A sex coach like me can help you focus on you, and support you every step of the way in getting that sexy back! Guy or gal – doesn’t matter. We all want to feel good in our own skin before we get back out there again. 


  • Questioning your sexuality or gender? Sexual expression and attraction truly is like a spectrum. There is no black or white anymore. If you have questions about yourself, let’s discuss what your thoughts and fears, set goals, and find support systems or community resources that will allow you to live as your ideal self.