Coaching Services

Confidential. Personalized. Experiential.

Whether your goal is better communication with your partner, better sex, better health, or a better life or career, I want to help you achieve it. You are ready for coaching when you’re ready to become your ideal sexual self is the person. For many, that person can seem nearly impossible to attain at times in our lives, especially on our own. People often focus on the end result they want, then feel overwhelmed by where to start.  Together, we will set realistic steps for you, create goals you feel comfortable with, and help you achieve freedom in sexual enlightenment. 

Confidential consultations can be in person, via phone, or by Skype. They can be one-on-one or with a couple. I offer my coaching sessions at a counseling office, private offices at co-working spaces, and even coffee shops. Sometimes, if a client is up for something a little more out of the box, I have even met with clients to help with shopping at adult toy stores. 

What I do is talk-based and experiential, meaning there is no physical touch (other than a hug, a reassuring hand on the shoulder, or a high-five, when appropriate), and we may take field trips or go to events together, or you will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone all on your own. However, there are times when therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist, bodywork with a licensed surrogate, or medical treatment from a physician is necessary for your needs. In these cases, I’m happy to refer you out for appropriate treatment, and in some cases, we can work together to take a holistic approach to your journey.

Home assignments help further your progress and it’s also key to our work together, especially if we meet via Skype or over the phone. I might offer readings from articles and books, videos or DVDs to watch, podcasts to listen to, websites to visit, or even stores to shop in.

It’s all about personalization. I am here to facilitate change, not just tell you what to do. This a collaborative process, and together we decide what your path to your Ideal Self looks like. I will push your boundaries, ask tough questions, and shake up your worldview a bit. The good news is, you’re probably ready for all these things if you’re here reading this right now.