Not all coaches carry whistles

I wanted to share my story about how I decided to become a sex coach, as well as give my readers a little background about me you won’t find on LinkedIn.

The journey to becoming a relationship and sex coach has been a true full circle experience.

I earned my degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri in 2003 with aspirations toward a Marriage and Family Counseling graduate program. Going to graduate school went on the back burner quickly as I settled into different jobs, attempting to find a meaningful career, and pay for school at the same time. In my late-twenties, I had a great career at Jenny Craig and loved that I was utilizing my degree. I worked my way up from consultant to an area director, overseeing multiple locations.

While that gave great me experience running a small business, I found my true passion while there was coaching people, both employees, and clients. I remember the success stories and goal picture days. I remember the days I hired women that still work for the company. By early 2017, I found myself in a job that was not only unfulfilling, it was a complete divergence from anything I ever saw myself doing for a career.

Something needed to change.

As I drove along a long highway in the middle of nowhere for a work trip, I had one of those lightbulb moments thanks to a podcast called Down For Whatever with Myisha Battle. In this particular episode, she had a guest on discussing how and why they both got into the field. I realized that THIS is what I wanted to do.

Talk about a “wow” moment for me!

I was inspired. In my hotel that night, I scoured over Google searches, cross-referenced, LinkedIn stalked, and then called my best friend to proclaim, “Here’s what I heard, here’s what I found, and here’s what I want to do!” She quickly agreed, that yes, that was the best idea she’d heard from me in a long time.

I’m now studying to become a Certified Sex Coach through SCU founded by Dr. Patti Britton. And to my delight, Myisha is now my advisor!

Drawing on my experiences, my education, my compassion, and my ability to connect with people, I want to help people learn to nurture their love lives. I want to help couples reconnect. I want to help singles find love. I want to help people feel empowered and strong. I want people to feel closer, physically and emotionally.

My goals are your goals.

Whether your goal is better communication with your partner, better sex, better health, or a better life or career, I want to help you achieve it. People often focus on the end result they want without considering the steps, or small goals, that are necessary for them to accomplish their desired results. We’ll set realistic goals together, and if you allow me to hold you accountable to those goals, you can and will achieve the results you want.

My Approach: Coaching is different from therapy.

Coaching is more focused on your present, what your goals are, and what steps you need to take to get there. Sure, your journey in life thus far is important to where you are today, however, not everyone needs to have details of their past revisited to move forward. Or perhaps you’ve dealt with your stuff, and you’re just ready to move on! You can also see a coach and therapist at the same time, and most likely, you’d find our work compliments one another.

Above all, I want you to feel like you are having coffee, lunch, or a chat with a friend. We can meet in person, talk on the phone, or chat via Skype. We will start our work together with a consultation that allows me to understand your goals and concerns. Together we will draft ideas together on how to accomplish the goals, and overcome the concerns.

  • Do you find that you and your partner are simply not connecting in the bedroom? Working together as a couple, or as an individual, to repair the lines of communication can do wonders for your sex life. And who knows what tips and tricks you might learn from someone who’s seen the educational DVDs like I have!
  • Have you been striking out on dating sites?By helping you adjust your profile to let you truly shine through, you could find more matches, or the quality of matches will improve. Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes. Then there’s the how to convert the match into a date…
  • Newly single and have no idea what to expect in the dating world? All you hear are horror stories about Tinder or Grindr or whatever the lasted app today is. Don’t sweat it! I am here to help you jump back into the dating world at your pace, with your comfort level in mind. You don’t even have to mess with dating sites if you don’t want to. I will show you how to navigate them with ease.
  • Perhaps your goal is to lose weight and regain your sex appeal, but you don’t know where to start, so you’re overwhelmed. I will ask you questions about what you’re looking for and help you on your journey to wellness with a plan that suits your style and schedule so you can get your sexy back.

Whatever your goal may be with regards to relationships, sex, life, wellness, or career, my goal is to help you open the doors in front of you and get what you want out of life!

My Passions:

Music – I believe that music can help you grieve, celebrate, or change your outlook. Even my logo is a harken to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds – “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright”. Because it’s true; everything is going to be alright! Music therapy is a growing field, and I completely understand why it’s gaining momentum.

Helping people – I wouldn’t be writing this now if I didn’t want to help people! Coaching is my greatest strength. I’m also passionate about environmental activism, supporting local businesses, and buying local foods when possible. I believe that we are all here to be good stewards of the earth, helping our fellow humans and animals we share this planet with.

Gardening – My grandparents own a farm in Mid-Missouri, and my parents have always had gardens. Between the two, I have developed quite the green thumb for vegetables and flowers, but I kill succulents in my apartment all the time. The concept of leaving a plant alone is too foreign to me, I guess.

Travel – I’ve been to 44 states and 26 countries over a span of 4 continents. It’s made me a student of history, art, botany, coffee, and food. Pro tip – GO SEE THE WORLD! And never wear sneakers when you’re abroad.


Kristen Thomas is the Owner and Head Coach of Open the Doors Coaching, LLC. She helps people nurture their love lives as a relationship, dating and sex coach. Follow Kristen via Twitter @openthedoorskc, Facebook, and Instagram. Need help with your sex life or relationship? Striking out on dating sites? Looking to host a private group event or workshop with a coach? Email her at

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