“Are we breaking up?”

A guide on when it’s time to breakup, how to execute it, and how to get over it. When clients come to me wondering what to do about their dissatisfaction with a relationship, I guide them through the 3 Door Options: do nothing, ask for change, or breakup. I have coached quite a few people […]

Don’t Save All Your O’s for Partner Play

How is your Masturbation Month going? Since I practice what I preach, mine is going swell, except for this heatwave we’ve had in the Midwest. Plus, my partner Matthew and I are buying a house! We move at the end of May. The Power of Words I am certain that National Masturbation Month has helped […]

Fixing the Orgasm Gap in your Relationship

I believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life, because pleasure is your birthright. Being with someone you can easily communicate your needs and desires to is important to make a fulfilling sex life a reality. Unfortunately, there are key differences that persist in the reported rates of orgasm, especially for heterosexual women […]

Trying New Things in the Bedroom

Many don’t realize it, but sex is so much more than penetration. If you end up focusing on penetration or treating it as the end result you are working up to, this can lead to a routine many of my clients share killed their sex life. A lot of people start working with me as […]

Creating Space for Better Sex

Creating a special environment for sex in your bedroom can go a long way toward enhancing any intimate and sexual encounter with a partner. Building a sensual space can help promote intimacy, eroticism, and sexual desire for both you and your partner, which can be particularly helpful if you have mismatched libido or you’re experiencing […]

Making Consent Sexy

One of the most important components when you’re getting hot and heavy with someone is the act of asking for consent, better yet, affirmative consent. Affirmative consent is asking for and giving an enthusiastic and verbal “yes” at every step within all intimate and sexual encounters. It’s not something that should be used only once […]

Nothing Wrong with Playing with your Booty:

A fun and informative blog on how to properly explore and improve anal play, by yourself and with a partner Booty play, or as some more “professional” than myself may call it, anal stimulation, is a taboo topic for many in our culture, even in our sexual culture. Typically, people believe that it is strictly […]

The Act/Art of Self-Pleasuring

May is National Masturbation Month. The idea began in 1994 when the former surgeon general, Dr. Jocelyn Elders, recommended that information on masturbation should be included in general sex education courses. This campaign led to an uproar of controversy, leading to Dr. Elders being forced to resign. The following year, a sex store located in […]

Keep Them Coming Episode 55 – Sex and dating after divorce with Timmy Gibson

Transcript from Episode 55 – Sex and dating after divorce with Timmy Gibson Kristen: [00:00:00] All right, everyone, I have a cold. So bear with me. you know, even when you’re sick, the show must go on. So, I want to tell you a little bit about today’s episode. I had Timmy Gibson, who is […]