Nothing Wrong with Playing with your Booty:

A fun and informative blog on how to properly explore and improve anal play, by yourself and with a partner Booty play, or as some more “professional” than myself may call it, anal stimulation, is a taboo topic for many in our culture, even in our sexual culture. Typically, people believe that it is strictly […]

The Act/Art of Self-Pleasuring

May is National Masturbation Month. The idea began in 1994 when the former surgeon general, Dr. Jocelyn Elders, recommended that information on masturbation should be included in general sex education courses. This campaign led to an uproar of controversy, leading to Dr. Elders being forced to resign. The following year, a sex store located in […]

Keep Them Coming Episode 55 – Sex and dating after divorce with Timmy Gibson

Transcript from Episode 55 – Sex and dating after divorce with Timmy Gibson Kristen: [00:00:00] All right, everyone, I have a cold. So bear with me. you know, even when you’re sick, the show must go on. So, I want to tell you a little bit about today’s episode. I had Timmy Gibson, who is […]

Not your mother’s novel on the nightstand

There’s a day or national month for everything. August is National Romance Awareness Month! I could take this in so many directions as a sex coach. When I think of romance, several things come to mind, especially the paperback books my Mom has read my whole life. I have vivid memories of seeing her curled […]

Could I have gone to jail for my miscarriage?

  WARNING: The following discusses graphic details of a miscarriage. I woke up to horrendous pain from around my right ovary. I went straight to the bathroom, expecting these pains to be caused by my period starting, which was pretty much the norm for my cycle. Cramps are okay when I was younger and they […]

Awkwardness Required: Don’t wait any longer to talk to your kids about sex

  A handful of you have talked to your kids about sex in a matter of factual way that has helped them develop health ideas and boundaries. Some of you have talked about some things, like waiting to have sex, that you should use protection, how babies are made, but that’s about it. And a […]

I should have said thank you before you left…

  In honor of Women’s History Month, I want to share a story about a woman that was my very special to me, even if she won’t have her name in a book one day.  “Every idea I have is crap! I’m not very creative with these sorts of things.” Really, I’m not. I’ve been […]

Surprise! You’re all taking a purity pledge tonight

  I didn’t know what I was walking into one evening at youth group. I thought it would be just like any other Wednesday night – some socializing, some bible study, some glances exchanged with my ex-boyfriend who was finally being friendly with me again, AKA the Preacher’s Son. Some kids would ask where I’d […]

Dating safely needs to be your priority without creating fear

No matter if you are dating people you met online or in person,  your safety is a top priority. But many of us fall into the “won’t happen to me” mindset and do things for a potential new lover that could compromise our emotional and physical wellbeing.   Quick quiz for all you single and […]