Life Coaching

People get into ruts. A coach can help you find the path to getting out of them. A therapist can be a good idea if you’re dealing with past issues that are holding you back, but many people are simply not satisfied with their present and wonder if they will ever have the future they long for. 


Not adulting so well? 

Kristen Thomas, Owner of Open the Doors Coaching at a networking event

Yes, I went there… and there are a plethora of reasons some folks are not adulting so well:

  • you had helicopter parents
  • you got lazy after your last relationship ended
  • you’re busy with work
  • you became a parent

I get it!


But, how you present yourself, your home, and your professional persona affects your personal brand.

As a life coach, I can help you:

  • locate a professional organizer
  • polish your LinkedIn profile
  • learn how to change habits on social media
  • unravel the chaos in your financial life
  • work through how to identify and leverage your strengths
  • get unstuck in your career
  • dress for success

…the possibilities are endless.


Visualize what is possible.

Let’s discuss your goals around life, love, and career.

  • Where are you now and where would you like to be?
  • What is your Ideal Self?
  • By setting tangible goals together that are realistic, coupled with the accountability of a coach, can start you down the path you desire.