Weight Loss Coaching


I began my coaching career as a weight loss coach. It was one of the most joyous and fulfilling careers I’ve had in my life. As you can imagine, even when coaching people through their weight loss, sometimes their sex lives came up too. I had a fair number of clients who shared with me their challenges with sex during their weight loss journey.

Personally, I’ve dealt with weight loss and gains several times. I have felt the effects of low libido. Often, low libido is an indicator that your overall wellness is suffering. Improving your health, losing weight, and gaining confidence in the bedroom can all go hand in hand. I will provide one-on-one support that will look at the big picture, including your eating habits, your physical activity, and your mindfulness. 


Our work together could include:

  • Creating a fitness plan. That could mean finding a new gym, referring you to a trainer, exploring outdoor activities you’ve never tried, or assessing fitness tools that would best fit your style.
  • Finding outside support with your diet through a referral to a nutritionist or together we can research what do-it-yourself eating program works for you.
  • Doing something active together like walking around a city park, going hiking, playing tennis, or going to the gym together and having a talk session about life and weight loss while we burn calories.
  • Helping you create and hold you accountable to S.M.A.R.T. goals all the way through your weight loss journey.