Couples Coaching

In our culture, it is commonly assumed that it is natural for couples to lose passion or sexual intimacy through the course of their relationship. Why is this so? I don’t mean why does this happen to couples, but rather, why do we accept it as the natural course of long-term relationships?  

There is no “how to” book in the world that will give couples all the answers they are looking for to improving their sex lives. If those books worked, the world would be a perfect place by now and you wouldn’t be looking at my website right now, would you? A one-size-fits-all approach can’t account for everything in the human experience. That’s why more and more people are turning to a sex coach like me for support.


Couples come to me for a wide range of reasons:


  • Preferences in the bedroom don’t match over time. When one partner doesn’t understand why their lover likes something, I help facilitate an open dialogue.


  • Couples who waited until marriage may find they have trouble expressing their sexual desires to their partner, or they simply don’t know how to build a vivacious sex life together because they don’t know the language of sexuality to even say what they want. 


  • New couples who want to do it right this time can work with a coach like me to help them change their communication patterns and leave old and unhealthy habits behind them. Fresh starts require a fresh attitude.


  • Some couples are ready for a something a little kinkier. Swinging, bondage, domination, submission, polyamory, open relationships, kink…there are so many topics out there today that couples reach out to a sex coach to discuss. Many couples are ready to explore, but not sure where to start. Let me support you in finding groups of like-minded folks, or reputable websites to gain further insight.


  • Long-term couples that are dissatisfied with the level of intimacy. There are ways to regain the desire you once had, or ignite something completely new.