These services are for individuals that are interested in something perhaps bolder in their sex life. Some call it non-vanilla. Some call it kink. Call it what you like, but I won’t use the terms “norm” or “normal”, as that isn’t how I describe sexual expression or desire between adults. So long as there is consent and communication between all involved parties, all is fair game. 



Not all couples believe in life-long monogamy. Not all couples enjoy vanilla sex. Not all couples are cis-gendered and straight. I support clients who are interested in:


Bondage, domination, and/or S & M. Some couples have one partner who is experienced and desires trying BDSM, but one partner isn’t certain if they are down. I can coach you through apprehension and find the way to vocalize to your partner what your comfort levels are. Other couples are experience, but new to their city and need help finding places to enjoy these forms of sexual expression. Even individuals may want to find a dominatrix or club to enter into exploration completely on their own. I can help you find trusted contacts or facilitate an introduction.


Swinging, or even polyamory. Setting clear boundaries with a coach present can elicit expressions of desire that will help you more clearly see what choices are right for you as a couple. Remember, you get the write the rules together in your relationship.



Cross-dressing, transvestite, and transgender clients may need support with how to come out to their loved ones and social circle. If you think you might be into cross-dressing, transvestism, are transgender, or are gender non-binary, I want to support your to as you begin exploring those worlds. Talking to somene that is not going to judge your life, and will help you find support systems within your community is essential. Let’s go shopping together as you find the way to express yourself with your own unique style. Attending support groups for LGBTQ together would be my pleasure. We can even go dancing together at a club to work on your confidence approaching people you’re attracted to. Whatever you may want to need to feel more comfortable in your new and improved identity, I’m here to help.