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Kristen joined Rod on The Jonathan Wier Show. She helped people understand what a sex coach does, answered all of Rod’s burning questions about love, romance and sex, and had lots of laughs along the way. We also discussed the concept of ‘permission for pleasure’, how porn has effected our perception of sex, and how to approach your partner if you want to try something new in the bedroom.



The Matts – Matt Watson and Matt DeCoursey – had Kristen on to explain what she does and how she does it, and what its like to build a service-based business like this. We discussed finding love via dating apps, what its like when your reputation proceeds you when you’re dating, especially when you are easy to search on the internet. There were lots of jokes about being a “Head Coach”, but the Matts came to understand the niche that OTC fulfills.





With Valentine’s Day approaching, the guys thought it would be great to sit down and have a discussion about sex, romance, and relationships. Seeing how they lack the education surrounding the topics they phoned in an expert! They welcomed Owner and Head Coach of Open The Doors Coaching Kristen Thomas to the studio for a round table discussion. Kristen offered some insight into her personal life, her career and overall some great advice.





Kristen Thomas and Neandertalk Podcast host Ryan Westa have a fun conversation about what sex coaching is and life as an entrepreneur. Of course, Ryan got some free coaching advice after he let Kristen look at his dating profile.


On the Must Love Fetish Podcast, listen to Kristen and Sweetly Sensual Sara discuss monogamy, polyamory, and being new to the BDSM scene. They also discuss navigating a threesome for the first time, and what its like to be a sex coach.